2017 In Review – Podcast January 8, 2018

The Year In Review – 2017 In Trumplandia. The Democratic Perspective team reviews the year gone by. Dick Searle discusses the administration’s many attacks on the environment. Paul Schwartz looks at the positives, saying things in Sedona and Arizona look very good for Democrats in 2018. Dave Brushwood takes on the opioid epidemic and the failed war on drugs. Klaus Von Stutterheim discusses changes in the judiciary and foreign policy. And regular host Steve Williamson asks the group to predict what might happen in 2018.

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Jake Bell Interview — Podcast January 1, 2018

Managing Essential Infrastructure In the Public Interest: Jake Bell Is Running For the Arizona Corporation Commission.  Democratic Perspective welcomes Jake Bell, candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission, and Karen McClelland, President of the Democrats of the Red Rocks (DORR), for a discussion of Jake’s campaign for a Commission seat in the upcoming election, the challenges posed to independent candidates by dark money and regulatory capture, and the evils that arise when utility companies and others in regulated industries essential to the public welfare are allowed to choose who runs the government agencies charged with regulating them.

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Zain Khalpey Interview — Podcast December 18, 2017

Saving Lives While Preserving the Quality of Life: Cardiac Care Advances in the 21st Century.  Mike Cosentino talks to Dr. Zain Khhalpey, Surgical Director of the Heart Transplant and Mechanical Circulatory Support Program at Banner – University Medical Center Tucson, about his pioneering work in cardiac assist devices, and in basic and translational research involving the use of a patient’s own stem cells in organogenesis (the formation and development of organs), organ preservation and tissue regeneration.

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Mik Jordahl Interview — Podcast December 11, 2017

The Bill of Rights Is Being Fought Over Every Day: When All Is Said and Done, Litigation Is the Only Effective Way To Protect Us From the Consequences of Unconstitutional Laws.  Mik Jordahl, local Sedona attorney and free speech advocate, is no stranger to cases involving violations of our First Amendment rights. In fact, he has been instrumental in getting several Arizona laws overturned on First Amendment grounds. Today he shares some of his experiences defending free speech in the courtroom with Democratic Perspective’s Mike Cosentino, Klaus von Stutterheim, and Steve Williamson.

Legislatures aren’t perfect; in times when political passions run high, and anti-democratic ideologies gain influence over our elected representatives, the principle of equal justice under law runs the risk of being honored more often in the breach than in the observance. When that happens, the Constitution can be our only friend and ally, but only if we, and our lawyers, are willing to come to its defense.

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Kiana Sears and Elliot Woods Interview — Podcast December 4, 2017

Case Studies in Regulatory Capture: The Arizona Corporation Commission. Kiana Sears, Water & Wastewater Executive Consultant (Public Utility Analyst) for the Arizona Corporation Commission, and Democratic Candidate for membership on the Commission, joins with Elliot Wood, Democratic Party Legislative Committee Member for Arizona Legislative District 13, for an analysis with Democratic Perspective host Stephen Williamson of the regulatory actions at issue in the upcoming Arizona Corporation Commission election.

With public utilities commissions in general, and Arizona’s Corporation Commission in particular, the sad fact is that most voters don’t even know that they exist, let alone who is on them, what they do, and how important their regulatory actions are to our overall quality of life. As a result, it’s often the case that lobbyists for the industries that these commissions are supposed to regulate are able to persuade them to act against the public interest without arousing any effective opposition from the public itself. If you want to know how this happens, and what we can do about it, listening to this podcast is a good place to start.

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Jason Dick Interview — Podcast November 27, 2017

Keeping a Close Eye On the Process: a Washington Reporter Explains How the Legislative Sausage Is Currently Being Made.  Jason Dick, Managing Editor, Leadership & Enterprise, for CQ Roll Call, shares his insights with Democratic Perspective’s Mike Cosentino on the Republican Party’s current struggle to pass a new tax cut for corporations and the rich. Will some version of the Senate measure pass under the budget reconciliation rules, which require only a simple majority for passage, and if so, how difficult is it likely be to reconcile the significant differences between the House bill and the Senate measure? Do we have any idea yet on which way Arizona Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain are leaning on the Senate measure? A careful watch on the clash of ideologies and interests in a legislative conflict like this one can tell us a lot more about what’s going on than a Twitter feud or a Facebook algorithm, and for that we need the experienced observers of the Fourth Estate. Fortunately, as this interview shows, they are still with us.

Producers’ Note: The producers of Democratic Perspective apologize for the poor quality of the audio on the first two minutes of this week’s show. A technical difficulty in the studio recording process was unfortunately not caught early enough, and the resulting distortion couldn’t be remedied post-production. The rest of the recording is fine, though, and we hope that our listeners will find the content compelling enough to endure the flaws at the outset.

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Max Richtman Interview — Podcast November 20, 2017

The Republican Flim-flam Continues: First They Reduce Taxes for the 1% Enough To Ensure a 1.5 Trillion Dollar Federal Budget Deficit, Then They Cut Billions From Social Security and Medicare To Help Reduce the Deficit They Just Created.  Max Richtman, President and CEO of the National Committee To Preserve Social Security and Medicare, joins Democratic Perspective co-hosts, Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson, for a discussion of the devastating effect provisions of the current Senate and House tax bills will have on the Social Security and Medicare programs should they, as now seems likely, be enacted into law. If there isn’t already a special place in Hell for the Republican Senators and Representatives who are pushing these bills through Congress, there surely ought to be.

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Yavapai College Update — Podcast November 13, 2017

Getting What We’ve Paid For: Administrative Support for Yavapai College’s Verde Valley Programs Is Better Than It Was Three Years Ago, But It’s Still Far From Equitable.  Democratic Perspective welcomes Bob Oliphant and Ruth Wicks back to the show to catch us and our audience up on the latest in the struggle to provide the Verde Valley with educational services from Yavapai College commensurate with the tax revenues it generates. The latest issue: residence halls on this side of Mingus Mountain are essential to the mission of the Verde Valley campuses, but so far no funding for such capital improvements is even on the agenda.

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Wade Carlisle and Felicia French Interview — Podcast November 6, 2017

Democratic Candidates for the Arizona Legislature from Legislative District 6: Education Funding, Environmental Sustainability, and a More Prosperous Future for Rural Arizona.  Democratic Perspective welcomes two Democratic candidates for the Arizona State Legislature from LD 6, Wade Carlisle, candidate for the State Senate, and Felicia French, candidate for the State House of Representatives. We Arizonans have suffered so long from a dysfunctional, corrupt, and ideologically hag-ridden State Legislature, that it sometimes seems as though incompetence is the natural order of things. In a democracy, though, that is never true. All we have to do to see things improve is to support candidates like these, who are serious about serving the people who elect them.

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Steve Segner Interview — Podcast October 30, 2017

If We Knew Who They Really Were, We Wouldn’t Elect Them: A New Arizona PAC Aimed At Exposing the Toxic Agendas Behind the Public Posturing Of Our Republican State Legislators.  Steve Segner, progressive Sedona businessman, and one of Democratic Perspective’s sponsors, talks to Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson about why he decided to start a new 501 (c)(4) political action committee, AZ Elections 18.

Sometimes all you need to defeat the kind of dysfunctional state legislators we have here in Republican-dominated Arizona is to publicize what they say when they think voters aren’t paying attention. To do that in the age of TV and social media campaigns, though, you need money. That’s what the AZ Elections 18 PAC is designed to do, to raise enough money to expose legislators like Sylvia Allen, Brenda Barton, and Bob Thorpe for the reactionary wreckers that they really are. If the PAC succeeds in that task, Steve is confident that the voters will take care of the rest.

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