Tony Gioia and Bob Rothrock Interview — Podcast July 17, 2017

Protecting Our Resources, Preserving Our Future: It Takes Good People To Make Good Things Happen.  Democratic Perspective’s Mike Cosentino talks to  Tony Gioia, Vice President of the Friends of the Verde River, and Bob Rothrock, Vice President of the Verde River Valley Nature Organization about promising new developments in efforts to preserve the Verde River and its watershed, among them the consolidation and restructuring of the organizations which have borne the historical burden of these efforts, new funding from the The Walton Family Foundation, progress in removing non-native invasive species from the riparian environment, aquifer-recharging agreements, and a new tradeable-credit system for reducing the overall draw from the watershed.

Democratic Perspective is proud to help get the word out on what these fine people, largely volunteers, have accomplished in the past, and will accomplish in the future. We know that many people are grateful for their efforts, and rightly so. For the record, we as individuals. and as an organization, would like to add our thanks to them for a job well done.

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2 Responses to Tony Gioia and Bob Rothrock Interview — Podcast July 17, 2017

  1. Marsha Foutz says:

    Even though I am a boardmember of Friends, I have great difficulty keeping up with everything going on. Your broadcast was very informative and inspiring! Thanks to Mike, Bob, and Tony for being clear, well-informed, and concise.

    • Mike cosentino says:

      Thanks – it is true there is a lot. We are planning another show Sepp 18 with others from Friends of the Verde River and other representatives.

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