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Richtman Interview – Podcast May 23, 2022

Privatization Of Social Security: The Bad Idea That Won’t Die. When President George W. Bush was re-elected in 2004, he claimed that he had earned political capital and he was going to use it to privatize Social Security. It was … Continue reading

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Ploog, Chaikin, Ferreira Interview – Podcast May 16, 2022

An Egregious Invasion Of Privacy. Steve Williamson and Kathy Kinsella welcome Holli Ploog, Peggy Chaikin, Ellen Ferreira to discuss the looming U.S. Supreme Court decision on abortion and the weekend’s women’s marches in protest of Justic Alito’s leaked majority opinion. … Continue reading

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May 20, 2022 Fundraiser

Come Celebrate 11 Years Of Insightful Interviews And Programs. Democratic Perspective is a volunteer effort to counter rightwing propaganda and to provide listeners with expert opinion and information. Given the growing threat to our democracy, that effort has never been … Continue reading

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Podcast May 9, 2022

Keeping Perspective: Looking To The Past And To The Future. As Democratic Perspective celebrates 11 years of programming, Steve Williamson and Gary LaMaster, two of the show’s founders, offer a retrospective of the past 11 years. Steve explains how the … Continue reading

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Casteen Interview – Podcast May 2, 2022

Issues Over Ideology. Steve Williamson and Karen McClelland welcome Jeanne Casteen, teacher, school board member, and director of the Secular Coalition of Arizona. She is running for the LD2 Senate seat in the Arizona legislature with hopes of reducing the … Continue reading

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