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Podcast December 28, 2020

QAnon: Mystery? Treasure Hunt? Game? Political Group? Or Religious Cult? Hava Derby, Steve Williamson, and Gary LaMaster delve into the history, psychology and consequences of the phenomenon known as QAnon. Beginning with a message board post in October of 2017 … Continue reading

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Austin Interview – Podcast December 21, 2020

The Key To Successful Government. Michael Austin, one of Democratic Perspective’s favorite guests, returns to the show to discuss his new book We Must Not Be Enemies – Restoring America’s Civic Tradition. He begins by referring to Aristotle’s concept of … Continue reading

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Hogan, Bonk, Wolfe Interviews – Podcast December 14, 2020

Examining Proposed Developments For The Verde Valley. Steve Williamson, Hava Derby and their guests discuss five controversial developments that have been proposed for the Verde Valley. The projects include a wildlife sanctuary, a large housing development, a bridge and roadway, … Continue reading

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Lenze, Tagma Interview – Podcast December 7, 2020

An In-Depth Look At US-Iran Relations. Northern Arizona University Professors, Paul Lenze and Halit Tagma, discuss US-Iran relations in the wake of the assassinations of the Iranian Quds Force commander and Iran’s top nuclear scientist. The timing of these killings … Continue reading

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