Singal Interview – Podcast January 18, 2021

Looking Forward To The Biden Administration. On MLK Day, Professor Daniel Singal remembers meeting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He then offers his expectations for the Biden administration. Singal begins by noting that Biden has assembled an incredibly impressive cabinet that will be able to hit the deck running. “If you want to accomplish a lot in your first term, these are the kind of people you want to have as your assistants,” he says. “He’s really thinking ahead. He’s constructing a government with remarkable skill that we haven’t seen in years.”

Asked to list the new administration’s priorities that are most likely to succeed, Singal lists pandemic and economic relief in addition to infrastructure and climate change. He also believes Biden can have some success with police reform, as well as increasing support for community colleges and the care-giving workforce.

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Podcast January 11, 2021

Trump’s Failed Coup. Democratic Perspective contributors, Steve Williamson, Hava Derby, Klaus von Stutterheim and Gary LaMaster, discuss the violent attack on the Capitol and how it was the inevitable result of an avalanche of lies perpetuated by Trump, the GOP and QAnon.

We discuss the origins of QAnon and it’s role in the coup, as well as what we can expect going forward. Has the violence ended? Or will it continue past Biden’s inauguration?

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Podcast January 4, 2021

A Look Back At One Of The Most Eventful Years In US History. The Democratic Perspective crew recaps some of the biggest stories of 2020. Klaus von Stutterheim covers the COVID-19 pandemic, Steve Williamson wraps up the presidential elections, Gary LaMaster delves into the George Floyd killing and systemic racism, and Hava Derby addresses our flawed criminal justice system.

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Podcast December 28, 2020

QAnon: Mystery? Treasure Hunt? Game? Political Group? Or Religious Cult? Hava Derby, Steve Williamson, and Gary LaMaster delve into the history, psychology and consequences of the phenomenon known as QAnon.

Beginning with a message board post in October of 2017 by an individual using the name “Q Clearance Patriot,” QAnon has grown to include millions of followers and hundreds of conspiracy theories. Its primary belief is that powerful Democrats, A-list celebrities, corporations and international organizations operate a satanic pedophile ring, or cabal, and Donald J. Trump was sent by God to save us from it.

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Austin Interview – Podcast December 21, 2020

The Key To Successful Government. Michael Austin, one of Democratic Perspective’s favorite guests, returns to the show to discuss his new book We Must Not Be Enemies – Restoring America’s Civic Tradition. He begins by referring to Aristotle’s concept of civic friendship, the feeling you have for people you share a country with. You wish them well rather than wish them ill.

Austin explains, “As Aristotle frames it, for a democracy to work, people have to be willing to enact policies and laws that don’t simply grab every bit of power that’s available for their side. You have to realize that other people have different perspectives than you do. And you have to structure the country in a way that their happiness matters, too. Otherwise, you end up in a civil war.” He continues by pointing out that 2016 was the first election on record where most people said they were voting against the other candidate than for their candidate. “That’s actually a pretty big tipping point,” says Austin.

He says, “The core idea of civic friendship is that we govern in a way that has room for people who don’t agree with us. The main idea of the book is that we have to argue with each other more. And we have to do it in certain ways that are more arguments than shouting matches.” Austin notes that politeness is a good thing. But the key to politeness is that we don’t discuss certain things. “It’s much easier to be polite when you’re not discussing the things that matter most. I don’t think that we should encourage the kind of civility that says let’s just not talk about these things. Because we have to talk about these things.”

“Whatever we think of the other side, it’s not going anywhere. We’ve got to figure out how to govern a country that is made up of people who disagree with each other. And, if we can’t do that, either we’re going not to be able to govern. Or we’re not going to be able to have a democracy.”

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Hogan, Bonk, Wolfe Interviews – Podcast December 14, 2020

Examining Proposed Developments For The Verde Valley. Steve Williamson, Hava Derby and their guests discuss five controversial developments that have been proposed for the Verde Valley. The projects include a wildlife sanctuary, a large housing development, a bridge and roadway, a glamping development, and a hotel in Village of Oak Creek.

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Lenze, Tagma Interview – Podcast December 7, 2020

An In-Depth Look At US-Iran Relations. Northern Arizona University Professors, Paul Lenze and Halit Tagma, discuss US-Iran relations in the wake of the assassinations of the Iranian Quds Force commander and Iran’s top nuclear scientist. The timing of these killings is particularly troubling given its proximity to the US presidential election.

Tagma begins by stating that there appears to have been three strategic goals: To provoke a retaliation, to draw the US into a conflict, or to make the relationship more difficult for the incoming US administration. The professors go on to explain the situation from the various political science perspectives which are the basis of their new book: Understanding & Explaining The Iranian Nuclear ‘Crisis’ Theoretical Approaches.

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Kinsella, Ploog, Segner Interview – Podcast November 30, 2020

Planning Sedona’s Future. The Democratic Perspective co-hosts welcome new Sedona City Council members, Holli Ploog and Kathy Kinsella, along with Steve Segner, owner of El Portal and chair of the Sedona Lodging Council.

Navigating through the problems of conducting remote interviews as a result of the pandemic, they discuss the most pressing issues facing Sedona and the Verde Valley in addition to several proposed controversial developments, such as Rojo Grande, AutoCamp, Verde Connect highway project, and more.

Segner stresses the need for a regional plan to balance growth with the needs of all of the area’s residents, noting that city boundaries are imaginary. And the new council members talk about the importance of listening to all constituents. Not just those who are the most vocal.

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Singal Interview – Podcast November 23, 2000

What Can Biden Do? Now that Biden has won the presidency in a landslide, what will he do? And how will he be able to work with Republicans if they maintain control the Senate? Retired professor and political expert, Dan Singal, returns to the show to consider the possibilities.

He begins with a prediction by stating, “I think we have to assume that Trump intends to run again in 2024. One thing it means is that we’re going to need Joe Biden to run again in 2024. I think you’re going to see a rematch in four years. Biden’s people understand this. Therefor, they’re going to focus on accomplishments to address this problem.”

As for what Biden can accomplish, Singal believes he will focus on three things in particular: Infrastructure, climate change, and healthcare. Singal also offers his thoughts on Biden’s approach to other issues, such as immigration, refugees, foreign policy, and race relations.

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Bindley, Pitcher, Michaels Interview – Podcast November 16, 2020

Preserving Wilderness From Inappropriate And Destructive Development. Democratic Perspective co-hosts, Steve, Klaus, and Hava welcome DeAnna Bindley and Charley Pitcher to discuss a California developer’s proposed AutoCamp at Bear Mountain in Sedona. The guests are part of the coalition Save Bear Mountain.

According Bindley and Pitcher, AutoCamp would offer Glamping (upscale camping) for tourists with 85 Airstream trailers, 10 huts and 5 tents located on 19 acres of pristine and sensitive lands more suited to become a World Heritage site. Pitcher describes the lot this way, “It fits completely flush, right against Bear Mountain. But the back side of the lot is Secret Mountain Wilderness. The east side of the lot is Secret Mountain Wilderness. The south and western sides of the lot are Coconino Forest lands.”

By the developer’s own estimates, the site would have 15-20,000 visitors per year with 150,000 vehicle roundtrips as opposed to the current 0-10 visitors per day. In addition to creating a serious fire threat, Autocamp would place great stress on county services and could lead to the destruction of a significant archeological site. As Pritchard notes, “The whole Bear Mountain area is sacred to every Native American tribe within 100 miles. And there is significant rock art all along the base of Bear Mountain.”

Later in the show, the guests are joined by Yavapai County Supervisor-elect Donna Michaels, the first Democrat and first Sedona resident to become county supervisor.

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