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Podcast September 18, 2023

The Death Of Democracy By A Thousand Cuts. When our nation was founded, the Framers couldn’t possibly imagine what the future would bring. So, the Constitution they created is intentionally sparse – a simple framework that would be able to … Continue reading

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Podcast July 3, 2023

An Ethically Challenged Court. Steve Williamson and Gary LaMaster look at the composition and bias of the Supreme Court of The United States. Now controlled by a rightwing supermajority resulting from two stolen seats, the court has set about legislating … Continue reading

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Fogel Interview – Podcast April 3, 2023

From Educating Children To Educating Voters. Steve Williamson and Karen McClelland welcome Mike Fogel, former teacher, school principal, school board member, state senate candidate, and current chair of the Yavapai County Democratic Party. In a county with two-and-a-half times as … Continue reading

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