Ryan Interview – Podcast December 24, 2023

A Legacy Of Problem-Solving And Service. Steve Williamson and Karen McClelland welcome Matt Ryan retiring Coconino County Supervisor to the show. Ryan has been a supervisor for 27 years representing the north and eastern portion of the Sedona area as well as portions of Flagstaff and the city of Williams, AZ.

“I’ve been through three redistrictings, so it’s changed a little bit. Initially I came in and I represented the whole southern end of the county…It’s been wonderful. Every time I go out, it’s just so beautiful wherever I go.”

Coconino is the second-largest County in the lower 48. As such, the Board of Supervisors has had to forge strong partnerships with many other governing bodies, including city staffs, Native American tribal governments, and neighboring county boards.

During Ryan’s seven terms in office, he’s addressed everything from housing to transportation to the pandemic to wildfires to floods and much, much more.

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