Post Interview – Podcast June 5, 2023

Arizona Legislature’s Anti-Democratic Gamesmanship. Steve and Karen welcome Dianne Post back to the show. Post is an attorney currently working with the AZ Secular Coalition.

The discussion regards the unusual reconvening of the AZ legislature from vacation following its passage of a budget. “The first rumor I heard is that they wanted to prevent Katie Hobbs from making any executive orders while they were gone. So, if she were to issue an executive order for something they didn’t like, if they are not in session, there’s nothing they can do about it,” says Post. “If they’re still in session they can meet and try to overturn the executive orders. But now I’ve heard a second reason: To prevent her from appointing directors to the state agencies. If they can prevent her from appointing directors, that will stymie her from being able to run the government the way she wants to.”

Post says there are other reasons for the GOP-led legislature to remain in session: It can delay any bills signed by the Democratic governor from going into effect. In addition, legislators cannot start working on next year’s bills while the legislature is still in session. Finally, legislators cannot fundraise or campaign until the session ends. All of this is more likely to negatively impact Democrats than Republicans. And next year is likely to be a repeat of the Republican’s reckless behavior of this year with the governor being forced to veto many more crazy bills.

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