Jablow Interview – Podcast June 12, 2023

Making City Government Work. Steve Williamson welcomes Scott Jablow, Mayor of Sedona, to discuss the latest issues and developments in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. They begin by talking about problems caused by OHVs (Off Highway Vehicles). The very name of these vehicles reveals the problems faced by the city – under Arizona law, they are permitted to be driven on Sedona’s streets and public roads.

But, as Jablow explains, “…none of the manufacturers that build OHVs ever designed them or ever tested them and had them approved by the federal government to be on paved and public roads. Because of the way they were designed, they don’t respond to crash avoidance or general driving the same as a sedan or a truck. The biggest issue I have is that they don’t have anti-lock brakes, they don’t have air bags, they don’t have crumple zones…and directional signals.”

Asked what the city is going to do about it, he says there are several things. “We believe we have the right to do this – we’re going to be doing an ordinance to restrict them on state roads as well as our city roads. What I’ve been trying to do is work with the rental companies to find something that will work for everybody. All may not be happy, but we’re trying to work together.”

In addition to dealing with the problem of OHVs, Jablow says the city is currently working on an all hazards safety bill designed to educate the public on what to do in an emergency as well as creating a pedestrian crossing under the Tlaquepaque bridge.

As to criticism he receives, Jablow says, “I try to engage as much as I possibly can. Remember we’re a small town. I think it’s great where me as the mayor can be out engaging people. I don’t mind taking the heat.”

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