Jablow Interview – Podcast January 30, 2023

A Mayor Who Listens. Steve Williamson welcomes Scott Jablow back to the show. Recently elected as Sedona’s Mayor after eight years on the City Council, Jablow says one of the things he enjoys most about the office is contact with citizens. To that end, he encourages Sedona citizens to call him with their questions and input anytime between 7am and 8pm.

In a wide-ranging conversation, Jablow details some of the issues facing the City along with his hopes and plans for the future. He begins by saying there is hope on the horizon for the return of local control from the state legislature to Arizona’s cities. That would have major implications for a number of problems the City is facing, including short-term rentals.

Other issues discussed include workforce housing, the City’s plans for the Culture Park property, forest lands and more.

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