Garrado Interview – Podcast January 23, 2023

Helping The Arizona Democratic Party Take The Next Step. Steve Williamson and Karen McClelland welcome Steve Garrado to the show. Garrado is currently one of two candidates for Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party. His experience includes 14 years as a county election employee in addition to terms on two school boards. He also served in both the Arizona House and Senate. And he is currently a Maricopa County Supervisor. In 2020, he also had the honor to deliver one of the state’s 11 electoral votes for President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris.

Garrado has been endorsed for the position of Chair by Governor Katie Hobbs and other Democratic officials. Yet he acknowledges that his opponent has more endorsements, probably because he got a late start. But he says it’s not about the endorsements for each candidate. It’s about a vision. “Who has the expertise, the knowledge, the vision, the experience to run and deliver wins for the Democratic Party?” He notes that Arizona Democrats have had success in the past two elections, but says, “Who has the knowledge and experience to be able to take our Party to that next step? To be able to win the legislature? I’ve run for election 20 times. I know how to win.”

Unlike the past executive team, Garrado promises to support Democrats in every county. “The state Party is only as strong as the 15 counties. Every county is important.”

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