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Show History – Podcast January 2, 2023

History Of Verde Valley Independent Democrats. The two remaining members of the eight-person group who helped found Democratic Perspective recount the beginnings of our show, its purpose, and who has been involved during its twelve-year history. They also pay homage … Continue reading

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The GOP Brain – Podcast July 5, 2021

The Science Behind Our Political Divide. Following a well-deserved tribute to Barbara J. Litrell on her passing, the co-hosts continue their discussion about the unsettling changes to the GOP. Hava points to scientific studies that show there is a physical … Continue reading

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Derby, Williamson Interview – Podcast May 24, 2021

Hava And Steve One On One. The co-hosts spend some time chatting with one another to explain their differing approaches to politics and community. As the founder Democratic Perspective, Steve has been involved in politics for many years, while Hava … Continue reading

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