Derby, Williamson Interview – Podcast May 24, 2021

Hava And Steve One On One. The co-hosts spend some time chatting with one another to explain their differing approaches to politics and community. As the founder Democratic Perspective, Steve has been involved in politics for many years, while Hava is relatively new to politics. She describes herself as more of a community-interested person.

Reflecting on the current state of politics, Steve says, “I see a lot of divisiveness and anger. It’s local, too. I’m most disturbed by the lack of knowledge.” Hava looks at the divisiveness as more of a human issue saying, “We need to look at how our relationships are with each other. A lot of people are traumatized human beings. We have to really come to this with a compassionate heart. I’m really hopeful as we’re beginning to wind down lockdowns that people are going to talk to each other. I hope that things will get back to a more human level.”

The two go on to offer their thoughts on community, nationalism, the criminal justice system and more.

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