Hodge Interview – Podcast January 10, 2022

An Enthusiastic Voice For Change.

Karen McClelland and Steve Williamson welcome Jevin Hodge, former vice-chair of the AZ Democratic Party and candidate for the congressional seat currently held by the ethically challenged Rep. David Schweikert. He says, “When elected, I will be Arizona’s first African American congressman and the second youngest at 28.”

Asked about his opponent, Hodge notes that Schweikert has 11 ethical violations that he admitted to. “He has taken money from us and put it in his own pocket,” says Hodge. “He is someone who doesn’t look out for anyone but himself.”

Nevertheless, rather than dwell on the negatives of his opponent, Hodge would much prefer to focus on the positive, saying, “We’re not running against David Schweigert. We’re running for the people of Arizona,” adding that negatives don’t get you votes. To that point, he wants to talk about things like the Child Tax Credit, which was passed by the Democratic majority, that will lift families out of poverty and put our communities on the right track. He stresses that putting money into families and people is an investment. Not and expense.

As for why he’s running for office, he says, “I love people. That’s really what it comes down to. Service is a big part of it.” He continues, “I did a lot of study of Ronald Reagan. If there’s anything I borrowed from him it’s that for you to get involved. That’s the least we can do. We owe it to the next generation because the previous generation did it for us.”

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