MacLean Interview – Podcast July 13, 2020

Exposing The Radical Right’s Toxic Plan For America. Nancy MacLean returns to talk more about her book, Democracy In Chains. The book, which was meticulously researched and documented, has deeply angered the Koch-backed Libertarians who have taken over the Republican Party. Not because it is untrue. But because it has exposed their plan and methods. MacLean says, “When they talk about freedom, they’re talking about commercial freedom…freedom for them and people of property. It’s social Darwinism. If you’re a billionaire, you are special…you have reached your just reward. Whereas if you’re a working person who’s struggling, that’s all on you…”

In describing the right’s response to the pandemic, MacLean states, “They’re perfectly comfortable with killing people in nursing homes because they’re not productive. They view essential workers as human capital. It’s literally a deadly dogma. They only value productivity as evidenced by the Texas governor who said, ‘Surely, older people would be willing to sacrifice themselves to reopen the economy’.”

As for protecting our democracy, MacLean says, “It’s really important for people to understand that Trump is a symptom of a larger problem. It’s so much deeper and wider than Trump. This is a real time experiment between two philosophies of governance. The best thing to do is for ordinary people to get organized.”

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