Max Richtman Interview – Podcast February 4, 2019

Guaranteeing Social Security For The 21st Century. Max Richtman, president of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, returns to Democratic Perspective. We begin by asking about the many stories that Social Security is going bankrupt. Richtman replies, “I hear it all the time, especially among young people – that they’re more likely to see a UFO or Bigfoot than get a Social Security paycheck. It’s incorrect. It’s insurance – the Federal Insurance Contribution Act.” He goes on to discuss how a new bill in the House of Representatives would make positive changes and improve the program for the long term. “First, if there are no changes, there is the ability to pay full benefits until 2034,” he explains, “And the new bill would bring Social Security into solvency for the rest of the century.” The bill, called the Social Security 2100 Act, would make adjustments to the cap and reduce the tax on benefits. “It’s a package I think most Americans will find very appealing,” says Richtman.

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