Erik Olin Wright Interview Revisited – Podcast January 28, 2019

One Of The Great Thinkers Of Our Time, RIP. Steve Williamson and Klaus von Stutterheim introduce a show with Erik Olin Wright that was broadcast more than five-and-a-half years ago. Wright, who recently died of cancer, was a professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin. He spoke about the distribution of power trying to answer the question: How do we get to a society that is more equal? In his book, Envisioning Real Utopias, Wright encouraged Americans to look beyond the status quo to envision an economic and government system that is better. How do we get to a more open, more fair, more kind society? “If we are to achieve real progress as a nation, he said, “we must first have a vision of something better. Only then can we try to make it happen.”

The original show was hosted by Steve Williamson, Mike Cosentino and Bill Timberman.

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