All Trump, All the Time: Should We REALLY Be Watching the President Fiddle While the Country Burns — Podcast June 19, 2017

Never Mind the Tweets, Never Mind the Russian Connection: While Presidential Twitter Tantrums, Ill-Considered Executive Orders, and Russian influence Peddling Dominate the Daily News Cycle, Republican Wrecking Crews Are Quietly Dismantling What Little Remains of Effective National Government.  Democratic Perspective’s co-hosts Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson are joined by guests David Brushwood and John ODonnell for a discussion of the radical Republican attack now underway in Federal agencies and the Republican-controlled House of Representatives on the public education funding, nutritional programs, financial reforms, and environmental protections a healthy society is so dependent on. While the national media behave like a deer caught in Trump’s headlights, Republicans are busily carrying out a brutal, mean-spirited assault on the needs of the 99% of us who go to work every day and hope for the best.

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