Wine in the Verde Valley: What Successful, Sustainable Development Looks Like — Podcast September 16, 2013

Viticulture and Winemaking in the Verde Valley: a Dream, a Passion, and a Successful Business Model. Democratic Perspective co-hosts Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson welcome five people to the show who’ve been instrumental in the rise of the wine industry in Arizona’s Verde Valley, where our show is based:

Sandy Moriarty, a founder of the Sedona Winefest, and its current Director.

John Scarbrough, winemaker at Cellar Dwellers Wine Company, and Fire Mountain Wines.

Tom Schumacher, President of the Verde Valley Wine Consortium.

Paula Woolsey, Vice President of the Consortium, and Marketing Director of the Arizona Stronghold Wine Company.

Ted Ferring, graduating student and assistant to the Director of Viticulture at Yavapai College, and intern and assistant to the winemaker at the Javelina Leap Winery.

This is a story of vision, passion, hard work and genuine success by people who weren’t hesitant to contribute their expertise and commitment to bettering the community they live in. It’s also a story of of both economic and cultural success at a time when things are very tough here in Arizona. We at Democratic Perspective believe that our entire community owes them both respect and gratitude for their accomplishments.

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