Felecia Rotellini Interview — Podcast September 9, 2013

What If Arizona Had a Real Attorney General? You Know — Competent, Ethical, Responsive to the Needs of the People: Democratic Perspective co-hosts Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson interview Felecia Rotellini, career prosecutor and Democratic candidate for the office of Arizona Attorney General in 2014.

With twenty-seven years experience in private and public law, thirteen years experience in the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, and three years experience as the Superintendent of the State Banking Department, now the Department of Financial Institutions, Ms. Rotellini is running for the office of Attorney General in 2014. Her record of genuine service to the people of Arizona includes the successful prosecution of the Arthur Andersen accounting firm for certifying the fraudulent activities of the Baptist Foundation of Arizona — the same Arthur Andersen later forced into liquidation over the Enron scandal.

The Republican incumbent, Tom Horne, has  a questionable record of ethical violations and personal ideological crusades that have little to do with service to the citizens of Arizona. If a clear choice is what Arizona voters want, we at Democratic Perspective believe this race offers them one.

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