Lenze Interview – Podcast September 25, 2023

The Growing Influence Of The Global South. Steve Williamson and Karen McClelland welcome Paul Lenze, Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Northern Arizona University to discuss the latest developments around the globe, including the conflict in Ukraine and our relationships with China and India.

Speaking of international relationships in general, Lenze explains, “Politics is politics. Economics is economics. It will always be there. Countries will always need to trade with one another. Friends will come and go. In international politics, the discussion is that we live in an anarchic world where states must do what is necessary to defend their national interests…That’s why you constantly see the shifting.”

As for the future, he says, “The world’s a complicated place but there is hope for peace down the road but it’s going to take a lot of concerted effort by both us here in the United States and also our allies to try and find some commonality that’s not just driven solely by economics. We have to care more about humans. That’s the important thing to think about.”

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