Bejarano Interview – Podcast January 16, 2023

Building The Future Of The Arizona Democratic Party. On Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Steve and Karen welcome Yolanda Bejarano, one of two candidates for chair of the Arizona Democratic Party. She is the current Vice-Chair of the Party. In addition to her work in politics, Bejarano has a long history as a steward, organizer, and as National Field Director for the Communication Workers of America labor union.

She says the transition to working for the Democratic Party was a natural progression of her interests in promoting workers’ rights and human rights. Looking at the job as Chair, Bejarano says she would focus on listening to the counties and legislative districts to determine what we do well and what we can do better. She believes there are major opportunities for the Party to improve in a lot of areas. For example, as a Latina, she notes, “We are not communicating with Latinos in a strong way.”

Bejarano has gathered a long list of endorsements from Party leaders.

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