Podcast January 9, 2023

Holding Our Government Hostage. Host Steve Williamson reviews the midterm elections and tries to predict what will happen with the slim Republican majority in the US House of Representatives. He compares the situation to the brinksmanship faced by President Obama led by the same type of extremists that held hostage the vote for House speaker.

Such extremism could lead to financial disaster by GOP refusal to expand the debt ceiling causing the US to default on its debts. It could also threaten to hamstring the IRS. Other institutions and programs that will be threatened include Social Security, Medicare, and access to healthcare under the Affordable Care Act. In addition, the GOP is likely to tie up Congress with a series of Benghazi-style investigations of President Biden and his son Hunter Biden. Worse, the GOP extremists promise to open investigations into the Department of Justice and its criminal cases involving those who participated in the attempted coup on January 6, 2021.

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