LaMaster Interview – Podcast October 24, 2022

GOP Derangement Syndrome. Even though I’ve written three books about Republican lies and disinformation, until the last two years, I could not have imagined that one of our two major political parties would be willing to undermine our democracy through an attempted coup and threats of violence. But that’s where it now stands.

Contrary to the deranged claims of the GOP, the reality is that nobody is grooming your kids to become gay or trans. There is no cabal of sex trafficking cannibals run by Democrats and A-list celebrities. There is no open border. What there is is a political party intent on creating fear and division in order to gain power. A political party that thrives, not by the wisdom of its policies, but by lies, deceit, dirty tricks and threats of violence.

This is not just my opinion. It is an opinion shared by many former Republicans and counterterrorism experts.

Fact is, the GOP is no longer the party of Lincoln. Not even the party of Reagan or Bush. It’s more the party of Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee. It has become indistinguishable from MAGA, QAnon, white nationalists, and faux Christians. It now strives to maintain white privilege, to discriminate against people of color, gays, lesbians and trans, and to tear down the barrier between church and state.

It no longer believes in personal freedom for all, security from all enemies foreign and domestic, limited government or budget restraint. It has departed from all that. It wants to control who votes, to control women’s bodies, to control who or what you worship, even personal thought. And its supporters are willing to use violence to achieve its goals.

It must be repudiated. A vote for a Republican candidate – any Republican candidate – is a vote to destroy our democracy.

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