Hoffman, Constable Interview – Podcast July 4, 2022

A Tribute To Our Professional And Patriotic Election Officials. On Independence Day, we are rebroadcasting a show originally recorded in August of 2021. Kathy Kinsella hosts Yavapai County Recorder, Leslie Hoffman, and Lyn Constable, Yavapai County Elections Director to explain how elections work and the steps taken to make them secure.

Though these two Republican women are highly professional, ethical, and meticulously fair, like many election officials nationwide, they are resigning their positions due to an extraordinary number of threats by supporters of Donald J. Trump who have been convinced the 2020 election was stolen. What makes the threats to these women particularly preposterous is that Trump overwhelmingly won the vote in this highly Republican County.

As we celebrate our nation’s independence in 2022, we should all take pause to recognize the patriotic efforts of those who work so hard to ensure that our elections are fair. We must also consider the fragility of our democracy when they can be threatened and bullied from their offices by a few highly partisan and potentially violent individuals.

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