Moriarity Interview – Podcast June 27, 2022

An Argument For Knowledge, Experience, And Expertise.  Though some believe that governments benefit from electing outsiders, at least one candidate takes issue with that. Sedona Mayor Sandy Moriarity explains her view to co-hosts Steve Williamson and Karen McClelland.

Moriarity has served as mayor for 7 and a half years and is running for re-election again this year. Referring to outsiders, she says, “It doesn’t make any sense to me. I think…when you say you’re going to try to take on a job…in this case the mayor’s job…you really need to know something about what the job is and maybe, more importantly, what it isn’t. And there’s a lot to it and understanding how government works is important.”

Addressing frustrations that the city isn’t doing enough to control ATVs or short-term rentals, Moriarity explains, “One of the things people don’t recognize a lot is that cities are created by the state and so the governor and the legislature can make rules about what cities can and can’t do.  And I know people say they get tired about us saying what we can’t do, but it’s just a fact. We talk about how we need more local control. And it’s interesting, as much as we talk about how we want local control, when it comes to Home Rule, which amounts to local control, all of a sudden, a certain segment of the population seems to be dramatically against it.”

She goes on to address a number of other issues, including traffic, public transportation, affordable housing and more.

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