Ploog, Chaikin, Ferreira Interview – Podcast May 16, 2022

An Egregious Invasion Of Privacy. Steve Williamson and Kathy Kinsella welcome Holli Ploog, Peggy Chaikin, Ellen Ferreira to discuss the looming U.S. Supreme Court decision on abortion and the weekend’s women’s marches in protest of Justic Alito’s leaked majority opinion.

The group discusses the far-reaching implications of the decision if the opinion holds. They agree that, since Alito based his opinion on 16th century law and dismisses a woman’s right to privacy regarding reproductive decisions, it could have a domino effect on a host of other privacy-related issues such as same-sex marriage.

They also lay out a number of ways for people to get involved and impact politics with Kinsella noting that things change rapidly in today’s political environment. The key is for people to come together.

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