Segner Interview – Podcast November 1, 2021

The Danger Of Online Gossip. Steve Williamson welcomes back Democratic Perspective sponsor and contributor, Steve Segner, to discuss the impact of social media in Sedona. One of the most controversial is Nextdoor which ironically bills itself as “an app to encourage neighborliness.” Valued at $4.5 billion, it has become a controversial player in Sedona politics.

According to Steve, like most social media, it’s short on facts. “I get banned every couple of months,” he says. The reason for the bans, he explains, is that he responds to false or misleading posts with facts. He claims that if you disagree with a post, they kind of gang up on you. “There’s no filter…no facts.” Instead, he says, it’s little more than gossip. “It’s almost always an innuendo. There’s no facts at all.”

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