Kuby Interview – Podcast October 25, 2021

Prioritizing People Over Corporations. Steve Williamson and Karen McClelland welcome Lauren Kuby to Democratic Perspective. Kuby is a Tempe City Councilmember who is running for a seat on the Arizona Corporation Commission along with current incumbent Sandra Kennedy. If elected, the two will join incumbent Anna Tovar to create the first Democratic majority on the powerful five-member board that controls the state’s utilities and corporations.

In addition to her duties as a Tempe Councilmember, Kuby is a sustainability scientist at ASU and a nationally recognized champion for affordable, clean energy from renewable sources. If elected to the commission, she will seek to help oversee the transition from fossil fuels to renewables. And, given the extreme weather events and water shortages caused by climate change, the stakes for the 2022 election could not be higher.

In next year’s general elections. Kuby’s and Kennedy’s opponents will likely be Republicans whose campaigns are financed by the very utilities they hope to regulate. So, it’s important for all voters, especially Democrats, to look down the entire ballot and vote for a more sustainable future.

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