Colvin Interview – Podcast June 14, 2021

From Plato To Medicine. Democratic Perspective welcomes Dr. Marvin Colvin, DO, to discuss his unique hands-on, relationship style of medical care.

After being raised in a fundamentalist Christian church, Colvin was introduced to Plato in high school. The experience caused him to go searching for the truth. That led to an exploration of spirituality and healing – how healing is integral to life’s journey. He explains how his style of medicine is different from most modern transactional medicine and how he sees an overlap of spirituality and healing.

“Every interaction that occurs, you’re either teaching or learning,” he says. “Basically, it’s a dialogue. I schedule my patients on a half hour and sometimes that’s not enough. My patients and I enjoy each other. It’s all about keeping a relationship going and see what’s next. Sometimes I just have to follow my hands.”

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