Rothchild Interview – Podcast June 21, 2021

Examining The Founding Mythology of Israel. Democratic Perspective welcomes Alice Rothchild back to the show to discuss the recent conflict between Israel and Palestinians. Rothchild is a physician, author, activist and filmmaker who has long served as a volunteer in Gaza and the West Bank. She provides an in-depth look at the plight of Palestinians and the lead-up to the most recent conflict.

Rothchild begins by stating, “I believe language is really important and calling it a battle implies there were two armies involved. It was more assault than battle.” She notes that Israel airstrikes targeted homes, schools, hospitals, critical infrastructure, a media center, even Gaza’s only Covid-19 testing center.

As for what led up to the missile attacks by Hamas, she explains, “Oppressed people have a right to fight their oppression. With all the talking going on, they get no attention. When they fire off rockets, people pay attention.” Regarding possible long-term solutions, Rothchild says, “Hamas wants a peace plan with recognition of Palestinian rights. This is not complicated. The question is how they are going to live together. It’s time to get over this idea that Palestinians are this violent group that wants to destroy Israel.”

She says, “I think we can take inspiration from native peoples in the US. Look at the founding mythology. That was a form of genocide. What Palestinians want is an acknowledgement of history.” Rothchild continues, “If you look at Palestinians, they’re just demanding an equal share. If you actually sit down and talk with Palestinians, it should be reassuring.” To that end, Rothchild refers listeners a Palestinian website: We Are Not Numbers. “It’s a really good way to know what they’re thinking.”

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