Taylor Interview – Podcast November 2, 2020

Anonymous No More. Democratic Perspective welcomes Miles Taylor who gained notoriety as “Anonymous” for his op-ed and book criticizing the Trump administration. Taylor is the former Chief of Staff to former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjn Nielsen and Acting Secretary Chad Wolf. A lifelong Republican who spent 2-1/2 years in administration, he is now a Biden supporter.

Taylor first went into government service to help prevent another 9/11. His goal was to focus on the many serious threats facing our nation. Instead, under Trump, he found that the president had a very different priority. He explains it this way: “If you thought of Homeland Security as an apple pie, you have a decent slice that is border security and immigration, another slice is cyber security, another is keeping terrorists out of America, and another is emergency response to wildfires and hurricanes. When Donald Trump looked at that pie, he saw 95 percent of it as border security and just wanted to gobble it up…everything else fell off his list.

“I genuinely think that the country is less safe that it would have been,” Taylor says. “His daily tweets were like a weapon of mass disruption while we were trying to protect the country against weapons of mass destruction.”

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