Lutes Interview – Podcast October 26, 2020

Running Against Far-Right Extremism. Democratic Perspective welcomes John Lutes, the Democratic candidate for Yavapai County District 1 Supervisor. A moderate Democrat, Lutes is running against someone who supports the armed right-wing extremist group The Oathkeepers. “I would call them vigilantes,” says Lutes.

Although Republicans hold a near 2 to 1 advantage in the county and there hasn’t been Democratic representation on the Board for nearly 30 years, Lutes is a moderate who believes he has a good chance to win. “I support the county sheriff and the new Justice Center in the city. I think that gained me quite a bit of Republican support,” claims Lutes. “It’s a very important office. People know very little of what the Board of Supervisors is in charge of. It controls a substantial amount of your tax money and it’s important to the public safety in Yavapai County.”

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