Evans Interview – Podcast January 13, 2020

“I’m not trying to be a politician. I’m trying to be a statesman.” Democratic Perspective welcomes Coral Evans, Flagstaff mayor and LD6 candidate for the Arizona House. When asked why she’s running for the legislature, she responds, “I believe that everybody should be represented and everybody should have an opportunity to be part of the political process. Many at the state level have never been elected at the local level. That leads to more partisanship. That’s why local control, water and education funding are issues.”

Specifically regarding education, she says, “We need to look at the entire system. We also need to look at the prison system. What are we doing to help people when they get out and re-enter into society? If we don’t help them get a job, we wasted the money to incarcerate them. We need to look at the totality of where our money is spent.”

You can learn more about Evans and her positions at coralevansaz.com or by searching for coral4az on any social media platform.

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