Navidad Interview – Podcast January 8, 2020

Protecting Civil Liberties In Arizona And The US . Klaus von Stutterheim, Mik Jordahl and Kat Ginzel discuss civil rights issues with Alesandra Navidad of the Arizona ACLU. Though the show was recorded in December, we were unable to broadcast it as part of our regular weekly show. But it’s definitely worth your time to listen.

Navidad is a former journalist, civil rights worker, and current executive director of ACLU of Arizona. Navidad has overseen the growth of the organization in Arizona from a three-person office in 2008-09 with a membership of 5,000 to a staff of 22 and 22,000 members today. She explains the variety of issues that require the ACLU’s attention and the many accomplishments that have occurred under her leadership.

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