Singal Interview – Podcast January 20, 2020

Analyzing The Democratic Presidential Race. After a few words about the importance of Martin Luther King Day, Democratic Perspective welcomes author and history professor Daniel J. Singal back to the show. Singal begins by reminding listeners of his earlier predictions for the Democratic presidential race, notably that Mayor Pete Buttigieg would be a major factor in the Democratic race. Despite The New York Times endorsement of Senators Klobuchar and Warren, he now predicts that Michael Bloomberg will be a major player and possible nominee in addition to former Vice-President Joe Biden who has shown recent gains in the polls. Singal also predicts Biden will choose Stacey Abrams as his running mate.

Worryingly, Singal warns that Trump will be difficult to beat. He notes that the latest Gallup poll shows Trump’s approval rating has grown to 44 percent, largely due to the economy. He acknowledges the unpopularity of that opinion by stating, “I’m terrified about the situation in the country.”

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