Rotellini and Ploog Interviews – Podcast November 5, 2018

Will Negativity, Lying and Name-Calling Win? On election eve, Democratic Perspective co-hosts Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson pose the question to Felicia Rotellini, Chair of the AZ Democratic Party, and Sedona activist Holly Ploog. Rotellini replies, “I think what you’re talking about is American values. We’re going to elect leaders that will get things done. Public education is one example of that. I believe that the name-calling and the lying is detrimental to our electorate. Democratic candidates are trying to hold them accountable.”

Ploog adds, “The lack of civil discourse is alarming.” No matter the outcome of the midterms she encourages citizens in Northern Arizona to join her at the Sedona Public Library November 17 2-4 pm for a public conversation called “Kindness: Hiding In Plain Sight.”

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