The Yavapai College 10-Year Plan, Part II: Fixing What’s Broken — Podcast February 10, 2014

The Yavapai College 10-Year Plan: Robbing Peter To Pay Paul? Democratic Perspective‘s Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson are joined once again by Robert Oliphant, ex-Board Member of Yavapai College for Yavapai County District 3, and Ruth Wicks, retired school and college counselor, former President and ex-Board Member of the Greater Verde Valley Chapter of the Yavapai College Foundation, for an extended discussion of the perceived inequities of the recently approved Yavapai College 10-Year Plan. If 30+% of the tax-based revenue for Yavapai College comes from the communities on the east side of the county, yet 98% of that revenue will be spent in Prescott and Prescott Valley on the west side, it is difficult to see how the taxpayers of eastern Yavapai County are being adequately served. If existing and previously planned campuses on the east side are closed and sold, or never opened, with the money recovered to be used for development in the Prescott area, it’s equally difficult to see how the 10-year plan can actually meet the desperate need for post-secondary and vocational education on the east side of the county. What can our voters and taxpayers do to fix what’s broken in the college’s 10-year plan?

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