The Yavapai College 10-Year Plan: A Question of Fairness — Podcast February 3, 2014

The Yavapai College 10-Year Plan: Is the Verde Valley Getting its Money’s Worth? Democratic Perspective‘s Mike Cosentino and  Steve Williamson are joined by Robert Oliphant, ex-Board Member of Yavapai College for Yavapai County District 3, Ruth Wicks, retired school and college counselor, former President and ex-Board Member of the Greater Verde Valley Chapter of the Yavapai College Foundation, and Jessica Williamson, Sedona City Councilor, for a discussion of the recently approved Yavapai College 10-Year Plan. With projected campus closings in the Verde Valley, and approximately 95% of future budget expenditures scheduled for Prescott and Prescott Valley, some residents of the Verde Valley have begun to question whether or not the services of the College are being provided to our side of the county in fair proportion to the tax revenues the College derives from us. With a little help from its friends, Democratic Perspective looks into the evidence.

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