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Podcast February 8, 2021

Unequal Under The Law. Steve Williamson, Hava Derby and Gary LaMaster continue the discussion on criminal justice reform. To begin the conversation, they note that the U.S. incarcerates more people than any other nation – 2.1 million as of 2018. … Continue reading

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Debt Peonage as a Source of Revenue: Paying for Government by Fining the Poor — Podcast April 27, 2015

On the Backs of the Poor: The Great Recession and the Criminalization of Debt. Democratic Perspective’s Mike Cosentino, Gary LaMaster and Steve Williamson analyze the effect on the poor, especially minorities, of the disturbing recent trend toward financing hard-pressed local governments through … Continue reading

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Sasha Abramsky Interview — Podcast November 25, 2013

Throwing Away the Key: Mass Incarceration As a Substitute for Effective Social Policy. Author and journalist Sasha Abramsky returns to Democratic Perspective to discuss his research on the Prison Industrial Complex. How the justice system in the United States has become a one-way … Continue reading

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