Quezada Interview – Podcast September 19, 2022

Investing In Arizona. Not Politics. Steve Williamson and Karen McClelland welcome Arizona Senator Martin Quezada, candidate for Arizona State Treasurer. Quezada says that treasurer is a much different role than serving in the Senate. “The role of treasurer, ideally, should be much less political, much less partisan, and much more technical.” He explains, “The treasurer basically serves three main roles in our state government: Number one, you’re the chief banker, number two the chief investment officer, and number three the chief financial officer.”

As chief investment officer, Quezada notes that the Treasurer is in charge of investing a portfolio of more than $23 billion, adding that where the money is invested should reflect the priorities of the people of Arizona. For example, investing in things that address the massive threat of climate change.

Quezada promises to bring new energy and a new commitment to the office, noting that the current and two previous treasurers seemed more concerned with running for higher office. He says that current treasurer Kimberly Yee spent the first two years in office running for governor while checking in to the Treasury office only once every two weeks.

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