Bitecofer Interview – Podcast September 12, 2022

Hyper-partisanship, Polarization, And Political Realignment. Karen McClelland and Stephen Hanks welcome Rachel Bitecofer, Political Scientist and Election Analyst, to discuss the upcoming midterms. She begins by noting that the electorate is always in flux driven by changing demographics, geographic allegiances, and ideologies. Bitecofer then goes on to explain how today’s hyper-partisanship and polarization affect individual level voter behavior.

For example, she does not believe you can distinguish between fascist MAGA Republicans and so-called moderate Republicans because almost all Republicans voted against an investigation of the January 6 insurrection and have since gone to great lengths to excuse the attempted coup. She says, “This is a time we must prevent them from gaining political power.”

Bitecofer says that the recent Supreme Court decision on Roe v Wade presents an opportunity for Democrats by increasing voter enthusiasm. She explains that even Republican leaning dads may be concerned about the impact on their daughters.

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