Singal Interview – Podcast August 15, 2022

Optimism For Democrats In Upcoming Elections. Steve Williamson and Karen McClelland welcome historian Dan Singal back to the show to give his views on the current state of politic affairs. Asked about Democrats’ prospects for the midterms, Singal, who has been remarkably accurate in the past, says he is optimistic.

“I’m looking at the objective indicators and they tell me something very different from what the pundits are seeing,” Singal reports. “This all started about the middle of July…I thought the pundits were completely the wrong. That if you looked at the economic data, the political data, a whole series of other things, in fact, prospects were a lot better for the Democrats going into the Fall election than people were forecasting.” In fact, he believes Democrats could pick up two, maybe three Senate seats. And he says the prospects for Democrats are really good if you look ahead to 2024.

Singal explains his optimism by noting that the price of gasoline is already going down and that the price of oil is plummeting because of China. “That means the price of gasoline is going to continue to go down,” he says. Singal points to other factors, including the robust economy, the Inflation Reduction Act and other recent legislation, as well as the Dobbs v Jackson decision which overturned Roe v Wade, and the fact that Republicans have been nominating such far right extremists.

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