Miller Interview – Podcast August 8, 2022

Assessing The Cult Of Trump And Democratic Chances For The Midterms. Steve Williamson, Karen McClelland and Stephen Hanks welcome Tim Miller, former Republican strategist, and author of the best-selling book Why We Did It: A Travelogue from the Republican Road to Hell in which Miller offers his thoughts and observations on the current state of politics and why normal people became obsessed with Trumpism and its insane conspiracy theories.

About his book, Miller says, “I wanted to make sure it wasn’t homework. I wanted to write a book that was honest and real about how we got to this place politically. But also, that people could enjoy, and it didn’t feel like a punishment to page through it.”

Having long worked for Republican candidates, Miller recalls bailing on Trump in 2016. “When he won…I felt guilty of complicity,” he says. “And then just a feeling of disappointment that compounds over time, And, so, I had this complex emotional reaction that put me into just a really dark, dark place.”

Unlike many, Miller has a moralistic view of politics. “Recognizing the competition, recognizing that you’re trying to beat the other side. But, also, keeping in mind that you do that within the bounds of what’s good for the country, what’s good for the people that you’re serving, whether they’re in your party or the other party. And I feel like that is really getting lost in the culture right now, and I try to expose that culture in the book.”

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