Ruby, Lutes Interview – Podcast September 6, 2021

Fighting The Good Fight. Back from an extended vacation, Steve Williamson welcomes John Lutes and Jay Ruby to the show. Lutes is chair of the Yavapai Democratic Party, a business owner and manager who ran for Yavapai County Supervisor against one of the extreme right Oath Keepers. And Ruby is events chair of the Yavapai Dems who recently campaigned to remove far right Congressman Paul Gosar from office.

Located in one of the reddest areas in the country, represented in Congress by an anti-government conspiracy theorist, and surrounded by the nation’s largest chapter of Oath Keepers and other far right militias, the two men are attempting to bring some political sanity to an area that has experienced three decades of Republican rule. As Lutes says, “Our nation’s built on dialogue, and if you have too much of one-party rule – and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world – one party rule begins to corrupt.”

Lutes and Ruby have organized R&R (Referendums and Redistricting) meetings throughout the county to inform and activate residents about issues that will impact Arizona for years to come. The referendums involve seven petitions – three about public education and four about voter suppression and dirty money. And redistricting, of course, refers to the realignment of congressional and legislative districts based on the 2020 Census.

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