Michaels Interview – Podcast August 9, 2021

The Importance Of Stewardship. Democratic Perspective co-host Hava welcomes Donna Michaels to discuss her first six months in office as a Yavapai County supervisor. She begins by noting that stewardship is the key to a healthy community. To that end, she is focused on creating a ten-year plan with input from the public – “A document that guides us for the next ten years.”

“I urge everyone to go online to take the survey,” she says. “Hopefully, by 2022, we’ll have a document that reflects who we want to be.”

Michaels lists some of the issues facing the county are homelessness on forest lands, affordable and attainable housing, and destruction caused by off-road vehicles (ATVs). “What we’re seeing is an unprecedented destruction of our forest lands,” says Michaels. “I had no idea the kind of damage that is occurring around the clock by these vehicles. Had I not seen it, I would not have believed it.” To address the issue, she intends to look at how other communities are addressing ATV use and abuse. “I’m hopeful we’ll benchmark best practices,” she says. “There is nothing we can’t do together.”

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