Husted Interview – Podcast April 26, 2021

Policing Paradise. Democratic Perspective welcomes Charles Husted, Chief of Police, Sedona, AZ. After 30 years of experience with the Sacramento Police Department, Husted now leads a department of 25 officers and is seeking two more. Asked about his hiring practices, Chief Husted responds, “I’m really looking for the people who are the right people for our city. Who they are as human beings? What’s in their hearts?”

Other questions range from traffic to use of force to the color of the department’s squad cars. One of the most important regards 911. Everyone knows to call 911 for emergencies. But what about other issues such as missing property, noise, and problems related to short-term rentals? The Chief replies “I encourage people to call our non-emergency number [available on the city’s website.] That’s still our dispatch, so it’s in our queue. But it doesn’t jump ahead of emergencies.”

He notes that the city is also looking at creating a 24-hour hotline for problems with short-term rentals.

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