Bacevich Interview – Podcast March 8, 2021

Examining America’s Role In The 21st Century. Democratic Perspective welcomes Andrew Bacevich, Jr., author, historian, professor emeritus at Boston University, and retired military officer to discuss U.S. foreign policy.

Bacevich begins with unrealistic expectations following the Cold War, explaining that fall of the Soviet Union led to the misperception that capitalism had triumphed and that everyone would have to conform to our ideals. Instead, it eventually led us to seemingly endless wars and the presidency of Donald Trump. He addresses the misguided beliefs that led to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the polarization caused by globalization, saying, “We’re told that either you’re in favor of American global leadership or you’re in favor of isolation as if there’s no middle ground. We would do better as a nation if our leaders would focus on those opportunities in the middle.”

It’s a fascinating conversation that explores our recent past, our relations with Saudi Arabia, and our future relationship with China. To learn more, check out The Age of Illusions: How America Squandered Its Cold War Victory or his upcoming book, After the Apocalypse: America’s Role in a World Transformed.

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