Kelly and Michaels Interviews – Podcast October 5, 2020

Turning Arizona Blue. Democratic Perspective welcomes former astronaut and US Senate candidate for Arizona, Mark Kelly. Kelly answers questions on a diverse range of topics, such as federal management of public lands, mining, climate science, solar energy, as well as the high cost of healthcare and pharmaceuticals. For example, he proposes giving older Americans, 50 and older, an opportunity to buy into Medicare at a premium, which he believes could also bring down private insurance costs.

Later, the show continues with Donna Michaels who is running to represent Arizona’s Verde Valley on the County Board of Supervisors. Michaels lives in the Verde Valley where she has served on many community organizations and boards. She responds to questions about the proposed Verde Connect highway and the proposed new jail in Prescott.  “Growth is inevitable,” she says. “It’s how we manage it. How do we collaborate across the Verde Valley on land management? Every community has a right to its own sense of space. And it’s our job as supervisors to protect them.”

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