DiSanto Interview – Podcast August 10, 2020

Defeating America’s Goofiest Congressman. Democratic Perspective welcomes Delina DiSanto, Democratic candidate running to unseat incumbent congressman Paul Gosar. For those unfamiliar with Gosar, he’s a Trump apologist who uses divisive rhetoric and subscribes to a variety of wild conspiracy theories. For example, he boycotted the Pope’s speech to a joint session of Congress because he was afraid the pontiff was going to talk about climate change.

DiSanto says, “He definitely has a lot of name recognition. I just need to prove to people that he is not working for the people in CD4. Some people haven’t received their stimulus checks or unemployment. So, he’s not listening to them. Some victims of Covid-19 have bills of $500,000 for hospitalization. How can anyone ever pay those bills?”

Asked how she plans to unseat Gosar, DiSanto replies, “I want to listen to what people have to say and what they’re concerned about. In this district, it mainly is healthcare, Social Security, jobs, education, and schools falling apart.” She says she’ll also focus on Native American issues and veterans issues, such as mental health, suicide, PTSD, and cuts to the Veterans Administration.

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